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Meet Our Musicians

When it comes to incredible string performances, Oceanviolinist is among the most reputable names in Georgia. We are preferred by clients in Savannah, Bluffton, and Hilton Head because of our delicate arrangements and inspiring recitals. Read on to learn more about our group of talented musicians!

Na You, a Highly Sought-After Wedding Violinist

Na You has professionally played the violin for more than 30 years. Over the past couple of decades, she has played at weddings and different events. Her emotionally rich and mesmerizing sound has attracted thousands of wedding couples and won the hearts of countless audiences. She is currently a violinist with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra, cultivating all age students in the area.

She received her Master’s degree in Violin Performance from the Bowling Green University in 2000, an Artist Diploma from the Indiana University in 1998; and a Bachelor’s degree in Stringed Instruments Performance from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

Na also completed books one to eight of the Suzuki Association of the Americas violin teaching training at the School for Strings in New York in 2003.

Ms. You taught at the Rockland Conservatory of Music in New York and the Neighborhood Music School in Connecticut from 2000 until 2007. In addition, she played with the Greater Newburgh Symphony Orchestra in New York and the South Bend Symphony in Indiana.

Since 1993, Ms. You has been performing at various weddings and special events. One of her proud performance was when she played the violin and cello duets for the famous Boxer, Muhammad Ali, back in Indiana.

Yuri Kholodov, Wedding Violinist

Ukrainian-born violist Yuri Kholodov studied at the Lysenko Music School for Gifted Students and received his Master’s Degree from the Kiev Tchaikovsky Conservatory. He started his journey in the music industry by being part of a string quartet. Later in his career, he performed as a member of the Ukrainian State Lysenko String Quartet, which is one of the most prominent ensembles in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Kholodov won the Leó Weiner International Chamber Music Competition and recognized as an Honored Artist of the People’s Artist of Ukraine. He is also a holder of the Shevchenko National Prize, the highest national award in Ukraine for cultural and artistic achievements.

Mr. Kholodov’s concert tours as a quartet violist included Eastern Europe, Germany, Great Britain, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the USA, Japan, and Canada. He has also performed as a soloist in chamber recitals in numerous African countries. His performance style, as reviewers note, is characterized by a special refinement, chamber elegance, and psychological profundity.

Currently, Mr. Kholodov performs with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra and Beaufort Symphony Orchestra. For the Russian-speaking audience, he is also the renowned author of three musician-oriented novels and stories, namely "Iness"(2001), "Solo for Viola" (2006), and "Quiet Music" (2010).

Mr. Kholodov has played for weddings and events for more than 10 years. His beautiful tone and excellent techniques have left a lasting impression on the emotions of numerous audiences across the globe.

Bailey Yang

Mr. You, who is now 17 years of age, has studied the violin since he was three and a half years old. In 2014, he won a prize at the strings Academy at the Music Academy of North Carolina (MANC). Mr. You is currently a first violinist in the Beaufort Youth Orchestra.

In addition, Mr. You does many other musical performances, such as the YouthFest at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in Hilton Head, which he has been a part of since he was 6 years old. He also often plays for the senior residences in the area and performs annual solo recitals at Hilton Head and Bluffton libraries.

Performing at Carnegie Hall

Bailey won the International Competition and was invited to play at Carnegie Hall in 2019.

Bailey plays at Carnegie Hall

Bailey won the International Music Talent Competition in New York city in 2019

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